Neo-Nazi Black Metal Band ‘Horna’ to Play in Seabrook, NH 4/9


“Horna”, a Finnish neo-Nazi black metal band is scheduled to play a show at the Chop Shop Pub & Grub in Seabrook, NH on April 9th. The band’s current line-up includes guitarist Shatraug (né Ville Iisakki Pystynen) and vocalist Spellgoth (né Tuomas Rytkönen), both of whom have strong ties to the world of NSBM.

The local act hosting this event is a band called “NortherN / Cold Northern Vengeance”.


From NortherN’s Facebook



The band’s imagery prominently displays symbols associated with Nazism such as the black sun “sonnenrad” and the Wolfsangel.

The explicit politics of NortherN / Cold Northern Vengeance are kept ambiguous, however at a glance of their imagery – it’s not too subtle that they are NSBM with extreme right wing beliefs.



The Black Sun symbol used in NortherN’s logo is the same symbol that was displayed on the tactical vest of the white supremacist who killed 50 people in an act of terror at a mosque in New Zealand last week.

We urge you to contact the venue and tell them that neo-nazi’s are not welcome in our community, demand the show be cancelled.

 The show is scheduled for 4/9/19 (Tuesday)

Seabrook, NH
The Chop Shop Pub & Grub
Twitter: @chopshopnh
Venue phone: (603) 760-7706
Event page:


“Resist Marxism” Activists’ Response to Fascist Terror in Christchurch


“A man in his late 20s has been charged with murder after at least 49 Muslims were killed in shootings at two mosques in central Christchurch, New Zealand. Two other men and a woman have also been taken into custody.

Almost immediately, evidence emerged of the alleged killer’s immersion in white supremacist ideology. He engraved the “14 words” — a white supremacist slogan — on his rifle. On other weapons, he wrote the names of military leaders who led battles against nonwhite forces and men who recently carried out mass shootings of Jews and Muslims.”

So what do the local so-called “conservative” and “patriot” activists do in response? Some individuals known for their organizational and leadership roles with “Resist Marxism” went to facebook and posted hot-takes consisting of outright racist and violently Islamaphobic language.

Cortney Bunyoff’s meme posts a screenshot of the shooter’s livestream of himself committing the murders, and the caption references Tree of Life shooter Robert Bowers’ final social media post, before he entered a Pittsburgh synagogue to murder eleven people. Notice Michael Moura’s response to the meme, “I’m going in” he says.


Luke Ballasteros writes that “Islam is a disease,” and John Camden applauds the meme, writing “Bravo… Bravo….”

Resist Marxism is not the free speech group it claims to be, but rather a collection of fascists and white nationalists who hide behind an ideological mask of conservative values.

These screenshots expose what they say in private, when no one is watching. And when they drop the mask, they celebrate the murder of innocent Muslims.

From IGD:

At this time, many journalists on social media are reporting information that has been found on a series online profiles. So far, it has been reported that at least one of the killers posted on the far-Right message board 8chan before the shooting and uploaded a manifesto. The manifesto praises Trump for bringing about a sense of white identity, calls non-whites and Muslims invaders, and claims that the Alt-Right needs to get off the internet and start fighting back.

A Facebook and Twitter page under the name Brenton Tarrant also uploaded a horrific livestream video that showed a shooter with multiple guns pull up to and walk inside a Mosque, and then opened fire on dozens of people inside. These images match others that were posted to Twitter that show similar writing on the bullet clips, including white nationalist phrases like, “14 words.” The suspected shooter also posted a picture of his vest, which included a “black sun” patch, an image popular with the Alt-Right and white nationalists.

In his manifesto, Tarrant praises Candance Ownes of Turning Point USA for radicalizing him and during his video, encourages people to subscribe to “PewPewDieDie,” a YouTube video game streamer that has helped popularize the Alt-Right. In many ways, this is a mass shooting made by the Alt-Right and for the Alt-Right.

What the ramifications of this mass killing will be is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, this horrific act will show more people, as the Pittsburgh attack did, the Alt-Right is not just keen to sit back and glorify violence from the safety of the internet – that some of them will carry out these acts of terror. Moreover, those that peddle conspiracy theories of the impending “genocide” of whites need to be help accountable for the growing belief in many that violence is the only way to stop it.” Continue reading

Oregon Proud Boy, Jake Adkins, Planning to Attend Providence 4/6 Rally


Above: Jake Adkins, 44, of Coos Bay, Oregon, marches alongside Patriot Prayer at an August 4, 2018 rally in Portland.

Jake Adkins, 44, is the General Manager at the Coos Golf Club in scenic Coos Bay, Oregon.

He’s also a member of the Proud Boys– designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center– who frequently attends violent rallies alongside Patriot Prayer. As seen in the image above, he was present at the August 4, 2018 Patriot Prayer rally in downtown Portland, where members of the far-right group hauled firearms to the roof of a parking garage to establish a “sniper’s nest” overlooking the protest.


Above: Jake Adkins models a Proud Boy-branded “Fuck antifa” hoodie.

Though his social media is littered with selfies of Adkins in a Proud Boys-branded “Fuck antifa” hooded sweatshirt, he also supports other far-right causes.


Above: Jake Adkins posts a graphic from Anti-Communist Action, a far-right group linked to Richard Spencer, that traded bomb-making instructions in its Discord server.

On February 2, 2019, Adkins posted a graphic from Anti-Communist Action to his personal Facebook feed. Anti-Communist Action is a far-right group linked to Richard Spencer that traded bomb-making instructions in its Discord server. Its leader, Seth Vitco, went by “Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe” in their chats. (“Haupstürmfuhrer” is a reference to the paramilitary officers of the Nazi Germany SS troops.)

Anti-Communist Action members also frequently engage in neo-Nazi rhetoric. According to Unicorn Riot, “Anticom’s Discord chats contained a substantial amount of hate speech – server logs we received show 1,107 messages containing the word ‘n*gger’, 445 uses of the word ‘k*ke’ and 412 references to Hitler, sent over a span of seven months.  The phrase ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’ appears 21 times.”


Above: Jake Adkins jokes with fellow Proud Boy Rob Cantrall.

Adkins also has a personal association with some of the most violent members of these far-right groups. In the screenshot above, he can be seen joking with fellow Proud Boy Rob Cantrall, who stormed into Berkeley’s Revolution Books and livestreamed himself threatening to burn down the shop in front of the employees.


Above: Jake Adkins marks himself as “Going” to the April 6, 2019 ‘Resist Marxism’ rally in Providence, Rhode Island.

As indicated by his Facebook activity, he’s also planning on attending the April 6, 2019 Resist Marxism rally in Providence, Rhode Island. In May, a leaked chat log exposed that Resist Marxism had distributed antisemitic rhetoric inside a private chats, and had ties to both the far-right American Guard– a group the Anti-Defamation League refers to as “hardcore white supremacists”— and the openly neo-Nazi Patriot Front.


Above: Jake Adkins donates $20 to a fundraiser for Tiny Toese’s travel expenses to the April 6 rally in Providence.

At Resist Marxism’s most recent rally in Providence, RI, Proud Boys crossed a police line to attack protesters outside the State House. The attack was led by Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, a Pacific Northwest Proud Boy known for his violence who was flown to the east coast by Resist Marxism organizers. As seen in the screenshot above, Adkins donated $20 to bring Toese back to Providence for the April 6 rally.


Above: Jake Adkins poses with a gun and a skull-shaped tactical mask.

And by recruiting violent attendees like Adkins, we can expect more of the same violence that Resist Marxism that they brought to Providence in October 2018.

So we’re asking you to reach out to Coos Golf Club in Coos Bay, Oregon, to tell them about the violent hate group associations of their General Manager Jake Adkins.

You can contact them via Facebook, their website’s Contact page, or by calling them at (541) 267-7257.

Dr. Jason Arnold, Eating Disorder Psychologist, Supporter of Proud Boys and the American Guard


Dr. Jason Arnold is a psychologist at Walden Behavioral Care, a private, inpatient facility specializing in treating eating disorders in Waltham, Massachusetts. His biography on Walden’s blog notes that he “has professional interests in trauma, men’s issues, and cultural issues in clinical practice.”

However, his social media accounts portray a wholly different person. He is a supporter of the Proud Boys, which was designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. He is in the process of attempting to join the American Guard, a group founded by Outlaw Hammerskins co-founder and former member of the KKK, Brien James. The Anti-Defamation League refers to the American Guard as “hardcore white supremacists.”


Above: Via his Facebook account, Jason Arnold inquires about joining American Guard to John Camden, New Hampshire American Guard President.


Above: Jason Arnold replies “I need one” to someone displaying a Proud Boys flag

On Facebook, Arnold has been a longtime supporter of the crypto-fascist groups Resist Marxism and Boston Free Speech– both of which have documented ties to the neo-Nazi Patriot Front– as well as Patriot Prayer, which has been involved in multiple instances in which its members have attacked leftist protesters.


Above: After Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer led members of Resist Marxism and the Proud Boys to attack protesters on October 6, 2018, in Providence, Rhode Island, Joey Gibson livestreamed a monologue. Jason Arnold reacted with a giant smiley face.


Above: Jason Arnold thanks Boston Free Speech for their “hard work.” Boston Free Speech leader John Medlar is a member of the hate group the Proud Boys, and has publicly exposed ties to other fascist organizers.

On his Twitter account– @JasonMatt77— Arnold is more open about his views. He calls for violence against leftist protesters, and frequently bodyshames people he politically disagrees with– strange behavior for a psychologist who specializes in treating eating disorders.

Above: Arnold’s Twitter, where he threatens violence against leftists, and bodyshames those with whom he politically disagrees.


Following the transphobic beliefs of his beloved Proud Boys– whose founder, Gavin McInnes, once implored his viewers to “Choke a tranny. Get your fingers around the windpipe”– Arnold also displays his transphobia, referring to nonbinary genders as “straight up lunacy and social madness.”

He also displays frequent support for the Proud Boys and their founder, Gavin McInnes.

In addition to his transphobia and support for hate groups, Arnold also displays his misogyny and clear disdain for Latinos, referring to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez as “this bitch,” calling undocumented persons “illegals,” and retweeting a Patriot Prayer exhortation to donate to the construction of a southern border wall for the United States. In response to response to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations that she had been sexually assaulted by Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Arnold tweeted, “Have a Beer [sic] with Brett. Drink up everyone!”

Given Arnold’s support for– and attempts to join– multiple hate groups, combined with his clear contempt for trans people, Latinos, and women of all races, combined with the bodyshaming he engages in on Twitter, we do not feel that Dr. Jason Arnold should be serving as a medical professional treating people with eating disorders.

He is currently employed at the Walden Behavioral Clinic. You can call them at 781-647-6700, or contact them via their web page here.


Additionally, Arnold is licensed by the Board of Allied Mental Health and Human Services. If you wish to file a complaint with them, his license number is 8394, and you can email them at or call them at (617) 727-3080.

Northeast Neo-Fascist ‘Blue Bloc’ Members Exposed

Props go to @DoxSavage for doing the research work on this massive compilation of information on various fascist and far-right movement members in the New England area.

The crossover of outright fascist associations between Resist Marxism and Boston Free Speech has been documented over and over again – yet they still adamantly deny their true nature while organizing with open fascists. They share members with Patriot Front, a white supremacist spinoff from the neo-nazi organization Vanguard America. If you don’t know Patriot Front, the ADL calls them “a racist, anti-Semitic white supremacist group” and the SPLC calls them “a white nationalist hate group“. The information provided here simply proves further what we have always known.

In the American flag mask (above) is Patriot Front member Chris Hood (@BDThanRed). Here he is at Boston Free Speech’s protest at the Harvard Coop. That is also Boston Free Speech’s founder Steven Verrette on the far right.

Steven Verrette, pictured above, sporting an Anti-Communist Action hat while harassing and intimidating a pro-DACA rally in Boston last year.


Here’s a real nice selfie that Boston Free Speech organizer John Medlar (@WeirdLittleBro) took of him and Chris Hood of Patriot Front. It’s worth mentioning that Hood was actively recruiting for Patriot Front during this time, thanks to Unicorn Riot’s Discord Leaks for the context!


In the photo (above) Chris Hood is in the center, posing like the pathetic goon he is, and on the left is Matt Smaller – he’s from Rockland, MA and works at Shaws in Hanover.


In a video posted by Patriot Front on twitter, you can see Matt Smaller destroying property tearing down someone’s flags on a fence outside a home, Smaller was also dumb enough to wear the same cargo shorts/sunglasses combo he always does.


Chris Hood (left) and Matt Smaller (right) hang all the time too, doing fashy stuff together comfortable in their perceived anonymity – in this photo from March 2018.


Matt Smaller is part of the “blue bloc” too. That’s him in the light blue jacket above holding the flag and that’s John Medlar in the front – in this photo from June 2018.


Matt Smaller is unsurprisingly also a raging anti-Semite, he uses the (((echoes))) when he’s talking about Jews.


Here he is commenting “spicy” on literal Nazi propaganda posted by on-again off-again Proud Boy Sal Cipolla.


8Patriot Front isn’t the only hate group that Boston Free Speech has connections to. Prolific Resist Marxism spokesperson (center in black) Michael Moura (@_LilMike93_) rubs shoulders with many high-powered white supremacists.


Michael Moura casually talking to and cheering on Holocaust denier Augustus Invictus.


Michael Moura with Unite the Right 2 speaker and Proud Boy Jovi Val – at the 7/7/18 “Speak English Please” rally in support of racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg.


Here’s Michael Moura (left) in Boston on 8/18  in “blue bloc” standing shoulder to shoulder with Jason Muscara – Proud Boy and Vice President of Connecticut’s chapter of American Guard; an SPLC designated hate group.


Here’s “blue bloc” member Zach Noyes aka @Adan_Tirith with NH American Guard president John Camden in June 2018 – Camden is known for his neck tattoo of a Wolfsangel, a prominent National Socialist symbol. So if Boston Free Speech & Resist Marxism aren’t fascist organizations, then why are they spending so much time with open fascists like Patriot Front and American Guard?

John Medlar, the lead organizer for Boston Free Speech, is a member of the Proud Boys – also a SPLC designated hate group.



He has even written for Proud Boy magazine – in which he uses the (((echoes))) to refer to Jews, a meme started by the neo-nazi podcast The Daily Shoah.


Medlar organized a Proud Boys event for Patriots’ Day 2018 in Concord, MA – at which Unite the Right 2 speaker Jovi Val was an honored guest.


Here’s a video of Unite the Right 2 speaker Jovi Val giving a speech at the Proud Boys reception following John Medlar’s Patriots’ Day rally.


This is John Medlar in the Proud Boys’ signature black-and-yellow polo giving a speech at the same event. This video is from Gabriel Brown’s youtube channel.


Gabriel Brown is a white nationalist who attended Unite the Right in Charlottesville – the above photo shows him with “Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell and the photo below shows him posing with a Vanguard America contingent at UTR, with nazi murderer James Alex Field’s Jr. visible behind him.


Remember the “It’s Okay to be White” stickers that popped up around Boston last fall? That was Ary Ziegler (above), Medlar’s fellow Proud Boy and Boston Free Speech associate. Ary Ziegler admits to posting the signs in a video on John Medlar’s youtube channel, but he has since removed the video.


Scratch the surface of any associate of John Medlar and a nazi will bleed – just look at his Facebook friends list. These are random screenshots – there’s two members of Patriot Front, Matt Smaller and Connor Raymond (aka Chris Hood). Every person visible is a fascist.


The person pictured above is a Boston Free Speech “blue bloc” member called Chest – his real name is Trevor Carey and he lives in Stoughton, MA area, formerly of Shrewsbury. (by the way, on the left in the MAGA hat is Chris Hood and on the right is Mark Sahady – even a random photo will show you how connected these groups are)


Trevor Carey was also the guy who ran the fake “North Shore Antifa” Youtube channel. (and the fake South Shore Antifa facebook page) Trevor is a violent racist, he carries a concealed handgun at protests, he’s been arrested for pulling a gun on a protestor, and he’s a believer in MGTOW which the SPLC has classified as “a hateful ideology advocating for the subjugation of women”. Watch a moment of one of his videos from his channel Chest Guy MGTOW and compare the voice and hair color to one of the fake “North Shore Antifa” videos and you have a match.

Here he is full unmasked after the 8/4 rally in Providence, still wearing his Boston Free Speech shirt and white rope string backpack.

At protests he typically wears a backpack with rope straps crossed over his chest. He’s almost always got a camera with him too. He posts some of the videos on his “Chest Guy MGTOW” channel, here he is threatening to sexually assault a couple of protestors at the March for Our Lives back in March – and here he is harassing another protestor that same day. (videos contain extremely graphic threats of sexual assault)


Trevor Carey’s twitter.


His reddit account /uTheChestGuy posting on r/racewarpreppers. He thinks we’re in the middle of a race war.

Trevor Carey carries a concealed handgun with him to protests. These pictures (above) from June 2 show the bulge on his right hip where his concealed handgun is located.


Here’s Trevor Carey on August 18 – see the bulge on his right hip? He also appears to have a knife clipped in his pocket as well.


The above photo shows Trevor Carey counterprotesting the May Day celebrations in Boston. The bulge here lacks the distinct L-shape of handgun, but he’s definitely armed with something like a large knife or pepper spray.

At a Boston Free Speech rally in August 2017, Trevor Carey (pictured above) was arrested for pulling a firearm on a Black counterprotestor.
Article 1: “Trump Supporter Arrested For Pulling Gun on Black Man at Boston ‘Free Speech’ Rally”
Article 2 (which mentions him by name): “Armed Shrewsbury man arrested at weekend “Free Speech” rally in Boston”

Resist Marxism and Boston Free Speech plan to return to Providence, RI on October 6th – as these groups get more violent and more brazen in their attacks, antifascists must be ever more vigilant in shutting them down wherever they appear. These characters, however laughable, pose a serious threat as part of the nationwide surge in far-right street activity.


Just in this past week, several recruitment flyers were posted around Rhode Island College by the neo-nazi group Patriot Front, a group that shares members and associations with Resist Marxism and Boston Free Speech.

Use the information from this page to identify the violent fascists coming to Providence on October 6th, and join community members in defending their city from this scum.

Once again, special thanks to @DoxSavage for this invaluable research. Please follow them on Twitter as more info is expected to be released.

Keeping Track of Neo-Fascist Activity: Photos of Aug. 18 Far-Right Demo in Boston

On August 18th, the far-right umbrella group “Resist Marxism” attempted to hold demonstrations in several US cities amid a series of setbacks, event cancellations, infighting, self-doxxing. The Boston, MA demo was co-hosted by John Medlar’s “Boston Free Speech” and the local Resist Marxism organizers, with support from the neo-nazi front group American Guard.

The far-right demonstrators were surrounded and outnumbered 20-1 by antifascist counter protestors, with the neo-fascists enjoying the protection of a line of Boston police with helmets and bicycles.


This demonstration brought out a number of familiar faces in the far-right scene around Boston, as well as some new faces. We have compiled some photographs from the event to document who is who in this small, yet concerning, neo-fascist street movement. More information will be added as it becomes available.

American Guard members, from Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts have been increasingly present at these far-right events in the Northeast – with coordination between them and Resist Marxism organizers becoming more apparent.

John Camden (“Josh Cameron”) Vice Pres. of NH American Guard – and heavily tattooed neo-nazi

George Avery of Rhode Island American Guard


Donald J Nichols of Rhode Island American Guard


Mitchell Nichols of Rhode Island American Guard


Melissa Masterson of Rhode Island American Guard


Jason Muscara – American Guard/Proud Boys


Luke Ballesteros – “Blue Bloc”/Proud Boys


Matt Pallazola of Gloucester, MA – “Polly Friedman” – Resist Marxism/Boston Free Speech


Michael Moura – “Blue Bloc”/Resist Marxism


Conservative-hippie Andrew Cook, and imperial German fetishist MT Coombs


Grace Cook – amateur photographer for far-right events


Tara Louise Ziehl and her facebook alias (notice the Generation Identity sticker on the bullhorn in the first photo)

Patrick Soutter of Bedford, NH – “Patrick Earl” on FB



INFO NEEDED for the individuals photographed above.

Please contact with any information

Keeping Track of Neo-Fascist Activity: ‘Resist Marxism’ & ‘Boston Free Speech’

38707230_294741107959301_5923840922977566720_nFar-right “Blue Bloc” lead by John Medlar of Boston Free Speech after getting shut-down by antifa in the rain in Providence, RI

Autonomous far-right street activity in so-called southern New England has seen a recent increase from Boston based neo-fascist groups “Resist Marxism” and “Boston Free Speech”, whose alt-right and white nationalist ties have been uncovered more and more.

Courtney Bunyoff Axelrod describing Resist Marxism’s rally in Providence on August 4

38489345_453094228503043_8811840945000546304_nGreat job to comrades in Providence!

After the failed rally in Providence, RI this past weekend – where several Resist Marxism and Boston Free Speech organizers and supporters were quickly shut down and ran out of town – @ElmCityAntifa tweeted out some great info about these local fascists that we wanted to post here to be documented. Good stuff Elm City Antifa!




At a July 7th “Speak English Please!” rally in NYC hosted by Boston Free Speech, Resist Marxism, and Jovi Val – we saw Resist Marxism organizers once again demonstrating with alt-right organizers directly involved with both last year’s deadly Unite the Right rally and the upcoming white nationalist Unite the Right 2 in Charlottesville, VA and Washington D.C.


Gabriel Brown and Michael Moura at the July 7th “Speak English” rally in NYC.



In an August 6th livestream by Jovi Val, he interviewed Mark Sahady about Resist Marxism’s Providence rally, meanwhile neo-nazi John Camden of the NH American Guard can be seen in the livechat praising his friends in Resist Marxism.

The neo-fascists are returning to Boston once again for an August 18th rally.

Turns out you CAN make this stuff up, Medlar – sharing posts from a known fake antifa page; the right can’t stop falling for it’s own trolls.

Join community members in defending Boston from the far-right in the anti-fascist counter-demonstration and remembrance rally to commemorate those who have lost their lives to violent fascists.