Keeping Track of Neo-Fascist Activity: Photos of Aug. 18 Far-Right Demo in Boston

On August 18th, the far-right umbrella group “Resist Marxism” attempted to hold demonstrations in several US cities amid a series of setbacks, event cancellations, infighting, self-doxxing. The Boston, MA demo was co-hosted by John Medlar’s “Boston Free Speech” and the local Resist Marxism organizers, with support from the neo-nazi front group American Guard.

The far-right demonstrators were surrounded and outnumbered 20-1 by antifascist counter protestors, with the neo-fascists enjoying the protection of a line of Boston police with helmets and bicycles.


This demonstration brought out a number of familiar faces in the far-right scene around Boston, as well as some new faces. We have compiled some photographs from the event to document who is who in this small, yet concerning, neo-fascist street movement. More information will be added as it becomes available.

American Guard members, from Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts have been increasingly present at these far-right events in the Northeast – with coordination between them and Resist Marxism organizers becoming more apparent.

John Camden (“Josh Cameron”) Vice Pres. of NH American Guard – and heavily tattooed neo-nazi

George Avery of Rhode Island American Guard


Donald J Nichols of Rhode Island American Guard


Mitchell Nichols of Rhode Island American Guard


Melissa Masterson of Rhode Island American Guard


Jason Muscara – American Guard/Proud Boys


Luke Ballesteros – “Blue Bloc”/Proud Boys


Matt Pallazola of Gloucester, MA – “Polly Friedman” – Resist Marxism/Boston Free Speech


Michael Moura – “Blue Bloc”/Resist Marxism


Conservative-hippie Andrew Cook, and imperial German fetishist MT Coombs


Grace Cook – amateur photographer for far-right events


Tara Louise Ziehl and her facebook alias (notice the Generation Identity sticker on the bullhorn in the first photo)

Patrick Soutter of Bedford, NH – “Patrick Earl” on FB



INFO NEEDED for the individuals photographed above.

Please contact with any information


Keeping Track of Neo-Fascist Activity: ‘Resist Marxism’ & ‘Boston Free Speech’

38707230_294741107959301_5923840922977566720_nFar-right “Blue Bloc” lead by John Medlar of Boston Free Speech after getting shut-down by antifa in the rain in Providence, RI

Autonomous far-right street activity in so-called southern New England has seen a recent increase from Boston based neo-fascist groups “Resist Marxism” and “Boston Free Speech”, whose alt-right and white nationalist ties have been uncovered more and more.

Courtney Bunyoff Axelrod describing Resist Marxism’s rally in Providence on August 4

38489345_453094228503043_8811840945000546304_nGreat job to comrades in Providence!

After the failed rally in Providence, RI this past weekend – where several Resist Marxism and Boston Free Speech organizers and supporters were quickly shut down and ran out of town – @ElmCityAntifa tweeted out some great info about these local fascists that we wanted to post here to be documented. Good stuff Elm City Antifa!




At a July 7th “Speak English Please!” rally in NYC hosted by Boston Free Speech, Resist Marxism, and Jovi Val – we saw Resist Marxism organizers once again demonstrating with alt-right organizers directly involved with both last year’s deadly Unite the Right rally and the upcoming white nationalist Unite the Right 2 in Charlottesville, VA and Washington D.C.


Gabriel Brown and Michael Moura at the July 7th “Speak English” rally in NYC.



In an August 6th livestream by Jovi Val, he interviewed Mark Sahady about Resist Marxism’s Providence rally, meanwhile neo-nazi John Camden of the NH American Guard can be seen in the livechat praising his friends in Resist Marxism.

The neo-fascists are returning to Boston once again for an August 18th rally.

Turns out you CAN make this stuff up, Medlar – sharing posts from a known fake antifa page; the right can’t stop falling for it’s own trolls.

Join community members in defending Boston from the far-right in the anti-fascist counter-demonstration and remembrance rally to commemorate those who have lost their lives to violent fascists.



Speaker at Resist Marxism Rally Linked to ‘Unite the Right 2’ Organizing

Last year, white supremacist Jason Kessler sought to bring together a large coalition of far-right, white nationalist and neo-nazi groups under the banner of his ‘Unite The Right’ event in Charlottesville. While the events of August 12, 2017 have seriously fractured the ‘alt-right’ movement, whose factions have turned on each other in the fallout of the death of Heather Heyer, Kessler is still planning a ‘Unite The Right 2’ anniversary event and has been promoting events in both Charlottesville and Washington, DC for the weekend of August 12, 2018.

Through chat logs, obtained by Unicorn Riot, of a Facebook Messenger group created by Kessler to plan his ‘Unite The Right 2’ event, we can see the name of Rickey Entwisle chatting with Kessler and other organizers. Rickey Entwisle was one of the billed speakers of Resist Marxism‘s June 2nd Rally in Boston.38204211_10160627786345023_899451531437277184_n



Rickey Entwisle pictured above speaking at the Massachusetts State House steps as part of Resist Marxism’s June 2nd for the 2nd Amendment Rally.

Rickey Entwisle was basically live-chatting his experience in Boston with Resist Marixsm, back to Jason Kessler and others that are trying to organize a ‘Unite the Right 2’ rally.

With far-right rallies happening everywhere from Washington, DC to Portland and Berkeley, to our backyards in Providence and Boston– it’s clear now more than ever that we need to step up our strength even more in the streets in response to this increase in autonomous right wing street activity.

Get your crew together and get out in the streets.

Forming An Antifa Group: A Manual

How to Form An Affinity Group

What You Need to Know About Resist Marxism’s Presence at the 2018 Boston Women’s March


The Cambridge/Boston Women’s March organizers describe Saturday’s rally as “an occasion to recognize the resistance efforts undertaken thus far, and to further mobilize our collective energies for the year ahead.”

Unfortunately, the alt-right group Resist Marxism has taken the rally’s statement that “all are welcome” as an invitation to promote their racist organization and spread xenophobia and Islamophobia under the auspices of “women’s rights.”

What is Resist Marxism and what do they believe?

Resist Marxism is an alt-right organization led by Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman. Chapman, described as the “celebrity leader of a nascent paramilitary wing of the alt-right” (Buzzfeed), leads the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, a Proud Boys affiliate described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an “alt-right ‘fight club’ fraternity ready for street violence.” Needless to say, such violent activity runs counter to the stated goals of the Women’s March, which include “resisting the harmful consequences of President Trump’s administration on women, [and] other marginalized groups.”

Resist Marxism, which claims to “Defend the Constitution against violent extremists and the Regressive Left,” was a leading organization behind the so-called “Rally for the Republic” in November, alongside militias such as the Three Percenters and the Oath Keepers. These groups have lengthy track records of racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic and xenophobic activities. Their violent ideals do not belong at a peaceful women’s march for equality and resistance.


Resist Marxism’s plan for the Women’s Solidarity March is simply to show up with megaphones and their own battery of prepared speakers in an attempt to drown out other voices of resistance. They are not affiliated with the event organizers and have simply decided to crash the march for the purpose of distracting, disrupting and recruiting. And their speakers are, at best, unqualified.

  • Ylva Morrigan26994736_10159828536320023_453542106_nYlva Morrigan will be speaking against abortion rights. Morrigan’s public Facebook page contains disturbing rants detailing how “Christians are under attack” and warning of a “Sharia takeover” of America. At a time when the right to safe, legal abortion and Muslims’ freedom of religion are truly under attack, this rhetoric represents a dangerous targeting of vulnerable women and communities.
  • Samson Racioppi26996512_10159828360750023_1925984205_nSamson Racioppi, who was previously arrested for violent “reckless conduct” and has a history of violent and xenophobic behavior, is set to speak on women in Islam. The lives and experiences of Muslim women are not things to be ogled or treated as props in the service of a political group with both sexist and Islamophobic platforms. Further, a male, non-Muslim with a known history of violence should not speak for women who face extreme threats, including from unpredictable men like Racioppi.


    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Lily Marsden26994525_10159828536185023_2004400025_n
    Lily Marsden, a 19 year old newcomer to the far-right scene, is a self-proclaimed libertarian and anarcho-capitalist (two ideologies which provide an entry to fascism) and who has already adopted some of the alt-right’s distinctive rhetoric online. She will be speaking on “Third Wave Feminism issues.” While third wave feminism is  most notable for its emphasis on an intersectional approach, one which takes into account the multidimensional ways in which women are oppressed, the alt-right has doubled down on the movement, claiming it is built on factual and logical inaccuracies. Third wave feminism seeks to include all women, yet the alt-right and their ideology around feminism and women in general seeks to include only women who are deemed socially acceptable.
  • Michael Moura

26995374_10159828361665023_449225728_nMoura (left) posing with Kyle Chapman at the Mother of All [Trump] Rallies

Michael Moura is young, but already a regular at far-right nationalist events. Notably, he is a supporter of Kyle Chapman and met with him at the “Mother of All Rallies” in Washington, D.C., (in violation of the terms of Chapman’s bail) last September. That event was promoted by and featured Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson, a man who has refused to make any effort to prevent explicit white nationalists from attending his events on the West Coast. Due to Moura’s association with individuals like Chapman and Gibson who espouse dangerous white supremacist ideals and endorse violence, we are concerned that Moura will use this platform to encourage violence against immigrants and other women.

Resist Marxism is blatantly taking advantage of the “all are welcome” approach of the Women’s March in an attempt to establish an ideological foothold for their hateful ideals.

 We reject Resist Marxism’s cynical attempt to co-opt the feminist movement in search of an entry point for spreading their bigoted and dangerous rhetoric.

If the organizers and participants of this march truly stand by their commitment to “basic human rights for all individuals, regardless of gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, age, religion, nationality, immigration status, disability, economic status, geographical residence, health status, culture, and political affiliation,” we expect them to:

  • Unite against Resist Marxism’s message of hate
  • Deny Resist Marxism and their hateful ideology any platform by which they may disseminate their propaganda.

Resist Marxism and their supporters will meet on Saturday at 12PM in Cambridge at the John Harvard statue before heading to the common. We encourage everyone to show up to confront them and reject their message, and make it clear that they are not welcome in any activist spaces around here.

A Provisional Response to Charges of Antifa Violence outside the Coop

On the night of Friday, December 1, author and Professor Mark Bray gave a reading of his book Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook at the Coop in Harvard Square. A number of far right “anti-communists” showed up with the intention of disrupting the event. Afterwards, one “anti-communist” was involved in an altercation that left his face badly bruised (we are unaware of any other specific injuries at this time).

We know that they did not come in good faith to merely “listen” to Prof. Bray speak, as they claimed, because “AntiCom” organizer Chris Bartley, in his eternal, desperate bid for fame, turned to Periscope along with his friend Matthias Thorpe immediately following the event to livestream their take on what they had just witnessed. They began by inflating their own sense of machismo by claiming that they had been kicked out, which is untrue—they remained in the Coop until the event was finished just like most of the rest of the crowd. But more importantly, they describe the event as filled with “commies” and Bartley eventually stated that “punching commies” is “his thing,” pointing to Thorpe. Thorpe responded by saying, “Yeah, punch commies, fuck commies.”

Later in the video, Thorpe compliments his friend’s footwear, saying that, “These boots right here are, like, perfect for commie bashing.” (The full video is available here.)


Photo taken from Boston AntiCom Action Facebook page showing Matthias Thorpe and Chris Bartley holding US and Trump flags, respectively

They came to the talk in the hope of provoking something and, when it turned out that the talk was nothing more than that—a talk—they wanted to make more of it. So they had to puff themselves up by claiming they had been kicked out and, as has become a kind of mantra for entitled white men whose voices are not given the amplification they feel they deserve, they claimed victimhood and a violation of their free speech rights.


Matthias Thorpe re-tweeting infamous “Stache-Nazi” Matthew Colligan, best known for his performance wielding a tiki torch in Charlottesville, VA last August

Thorpe is both eager to tout his alleged toughness and fond of supporting actual neo-Nazis. He is also an organizer with the “AntiCom” group, which has already been documented as having close ties to neo-Nazi organizations. Given those links and his own talk of engaging in “anti-communist” violence immediately before he was actually involved in an altercation, his and Bartley’s claim that he was merely minding his own business and not looking for any trouble—that he’s an innocent guy who was misidentified as a fascist and never wanted a confrontation—rings more than a little hollow. They, both as individuals and as part of the groups they associate with, are chronic “victims” of a left that is allegedly hell-bent on violence and racist against white people. All of these claims are absurd on their face and would not even be worth responding to except that the far right media apparatus is already working to turn this event into a rallying cry for further violence against the left in general and antifa organizers in particular.

Fighting fascism and white supremacy is not an act of violence unto itself. It is an act of individual and community self-defense and we will not apologize for that.


Bartley’s Twitter page indicates that he is an organizer with Boston AntiCom Action and the far right, chronically dishonest Turning Point USA. His profile picture shows him smiling with violent “Western Chauvinist” Kyle “Based Stick-Man” Chapman.

‘Resist Marxism’ Exposed; Neo-Nazis & Direct Ties to Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’

As the weekend approaches, “Resist Marxism” is planning to hold their “Rally For The Republic” Saturday on the Boston Common (11/18/17) without a permit from the city. – the main organizing site for the Boston rally and a mirror site of – touts itself as an “umbrella organization consisting of affiliated groups who work together to defend free speech from government suppression and violent mobs”.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.21.29 PM“Rally For The Republic” organizer & speaker Kyle Chapman attacking counter-protestors in Berkeley, CA on March 4, 2017

But “Resist Marxism” is nothing more than a front organization for Kyle Chapman (Based Stickman). A simple WHOIS lookup for reveals that the site is owned and exclusively controlled by Chapman.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.27.42 PM
Chapman, a Texas native who lives in California, has been described as the “celebrity leader of a nascent paramilitary wing of the alt-right”. Chapman runs the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, described as an “alt-right ‘fight club’ fraternity ready for street violence.” The Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights is an affiliate chapter of the Proud Boys, a fraternal group that espouses anti-Semitism and white nationalist ideals.  Proud Boys initiation rites include committing violence against anyone they define as “anti-fascist.”

He’s also a career criminal. Chapman’s first arrest, in 1993, was for armed robbery in Texas, and he served 30 months. In 2001, he shoplifted $400 worth of merchandise from a California Macy’s, for which he served two-and-a-half years. In 2008, he was arrested for two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm. At that time, according to The Smoking Gun, investigators seized “body armor, a Ruger pistol, two throwing knives, a bag of ‘suspected marijuana,’ metal knuckles, two glass pipes, assorted ammo and shotgun shells, clips, and magazines.” After being freed on bond, he fled and spent one month as a fugitive before surrendering to federal agents and being sentenced to 63 months in federal prison. Recently, Chapman was again arrested for attacking counter-protesters at a March 4, 2017 alt-right rally in Berkeley, California. Conditions of his bail included staying at least 300 feet away from a Berkeley anti-Marxist rally held in August 2017. He is also barred from owning weapons of any kind, including knives and even the stick that gave him his nickname.

For us here in Boston, Chapman is an outsider coming to threaten our city and attempt to radicalize Trump supporters, conservatives, and right-wingers into violent action against Black, Brown, Muslim, and Jewish communities.

The motley crew of organizers that have been working together to plan and carry out this rally claim that they are against racism and fascism, but as we have already seen, it doesn’t take much scratching at the surface to find their dirt.

Through the covert infiltration of their Facebook organizing group (which seems to be their most comfortable organizing setting) we can see who they have assigned to serve in different roles leading up the rally.



Mark Gabriel Sahady, 43 years old, of Malden, Mass.
Leading organizer of “Rally For The Republic”
Unemployed, lives with his parents Elaine M. and George G. Sahady

John Medlar, “Boston Free Speech” & “Resist Marxism” organizer
Fitchburg State student from Newton, MA




Courtney Bunyoff of Wakefield, RI – “Resist Marxism” organizer tasked with “vetting”


nikhaines2nikhaines“Nik Haines” of Gilford, NH is involved with the organizing of “Resist Marxism” and has been tasked as an infiltrator to mix in with counter-protestors.

Here is Nik Haines dressed up as “Captain Confederate”

Suffolk University student, “Resist Marxism” organizer, and aspiring Congressman – Samson Racioppi enjoys debating online with people of color about how his politics aren’t racist, and also enjoys smoking pot in the Boston Common while begging passersby to discuss libertarian theory and the value of the free market with him. Sad.

sam1Whats up with these guys joking about being Nazis but losing their shit when their political associations get them labeled as such?

Black organizers of the November 18th counter-rally held a press conference by the Parkman Bandstand in the Boston Common last Friday, so naturally, being the fascist trolls that they are, “Resist Marxism” sent two of their organizers to harass the women of color that were speaking to the press.


Local political basket case Garret Kirkland showed up with his “No Step on Snek” gadsden meme flag, along with another close associate of Resist Marxism.

“Resist Marxism” organizer Samson Racioppi standing with one of the trolls who came to harass and intimidate the counter-rally press conference



Here is a screenshot of part of the member list of the private “Resist Marxism” Facebook organizing group. Gabriel Brown is included as one of the committed organizers of the rally.

Gabriel Brown can be seen here wearing the shirt of the violent neo-nazi group “Anti-Communist Action”


Gabriel Brown’s YouTube channel shows videos of him attending various far-right and neo-nazi events and demonstrations. Here is a screen cap of him at the first Boston Free Speech Rally back in May.



In this video, Gabriel is at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA where neo-nazi James Alex Fields Jr. brutally murdered a counter-protestor and severely injured dozens more. * This video shows the nazi murderer (Fields) standing directly behind Gabriel Brown’s left shoulder.

Brown has long been associated with fringe far-right groups, he identifies as a National Anarchist and operates the Facebook page for National Anarchist Tribal Alliance – New York  (NATA-NY) We cannot seem to comprehend the concept of a “National Anarchist” other than being a variation of “National Socialist”, which would make sense because Gabriel is known to hang out with far-right ultra-nationalist crews the 211 Bootboys (211) and Battalion 49 (B49), both which maintain ties to neo-nazi boneheads.


Resist Marxism needs to fuck right off with their thinly-veiled bullshit.
See you on Saturday!


Neo-Nazi Security for Nov. 18th ‘Resist Marxism’ Rally in Boston

A group called “Resist Marxism” is planning a rally on Boston Common for Nov. 18th with “Free Speech Rally” organizer John Medlar, along with far-right “patriot” groups the Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, and Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer from the PNW. “Based Stickman” Kyle Chapman is also listed as a headlining speaker.

Historically, organized “anti-communism” and the opposing of perceived “cultural Marxism” have been dog-whistles for fascist activity. Alliances and collaboration between “patriot” groups/militias such as the III% and OK’s and white supremacists have long been visible. (

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 12.13.24 PM

The “Rally For The Republic” attempts to make an explicit stance against fascism and racism. But when your talking points and overall message parrots those of neo-nazis and white nationalists, don’t be shocked when a number of your supporters are in fact neo-nazis and white nationalists and you get labeled as such by the public.

This is what only a quick glance at the list of attendees marked as “going” on the R4TR’s Facebook event turned up:

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 12.24.58 PM Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 12.27.06 PM
Mallory Smith is a proud supporter of the Vinlanders Social Club: a violent neo-nazi skinhead gang.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 12.43.29 PM
“Josh Cameron”, who’s real name is John Camden, of Manchester, NH is a white nationalist/neo-nazi and a member of NH American Guard, a group that has been tasked with providing security for the Resist Marxism rally on Nov. 18th.

Through our embedded sources we have learned that not only are there going to be white nationalists and neo-nazis present at the Nov. 18th rally in Boston, they have in fact been directly involved in the organizing of the event and have been tasked with providing security for the event. The screen shots below were taken from the private Resist Marxism organizing Facebook group.


The direct ties between hardcore white supremacists and the American Guard are well known and well documented. With their logo proudly displayed on the “Rally For The Republic” poster and having been hired as security for the event, it is clear that the organizers of R4TR are in direct collusion with neo-nazis.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 12.46.46 PM

Camden is a proud white nationalist member of the NH American Guard, and is friends with Kyle Chapman (Based Stickman) who is a headlining speaker of the Nov. 18th rally in Boston.




Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 12.57.25 PM
Most disturbingly, John Camden documented an all-day racist flyering mission during which he instructed his two young daughters to help him in the spreading of his hateful message.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 12
They ate ice cream together afterwards as he made them recite the words “White Lives Matter” into the camera.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 12.54.21 PM


Regardless of how many times Resist Marxism and Boston Free Speech try to distance themselves from white nationalists and neo-nazis, the fact is that those are the people who make up the base of their support, the people they are organizing with, and who these rallies are resonating most with.