This is the new website/blog for North Shore Antifa

Considering how things have been going on Fedbook for us lately, with the hijacking of the Boston Antifa name by a small collective (looks like 1 maybe 2 people tops) of antifa-imposters, as well as the continuous troll raids by the alt-right fascist fucks from God Emperor Trump, creating an alternative resource on another platform like wordpress seemed like a good idea. If the North Shore Antifa Facebook page were somehow compromised or lost, this blog/website will serve as a way to still get our info out without being manipulated by these pests. There may be a North Shore Antifa twitter account in the works as well to maintain our presence on social media, despite the tireless efforts of trolls and imposters to undermine our ability to organize online.

That’s the thing however – the trolls from God Emperor Trump and the posers behind the “Boston Antifa” fake Facebook page are only slightly interfering with a small portion of what we do, which is publishing news and events on our Facebook page. Our Facebook page also provides a point of contact for people who want to get involved or send us tips on fascists or other info, but we highly suggest contacting us using encrypted email ( ). Their only slight semblance of power over us exists only on the internet, they have yet to wield the strength on the streets and in day to day life that we have shown time and time again – and it seems likely that they will remain unable to counter or even match the tangible power and organization that we as a movement have garnered in the only place that truly matters: the streets. So let them play their online games with us, because regardless of the size of their troll armies and incessant posting of purple-doves and Trump memes, they have yet to show the kind of material force in reality that antifascists have on a consistent basis.

Regardless of the inevitable obstacles in the future facing North Shore Antifa, and the antifascist movement in the US as a whole, our struggle is righteous and our rage is justified, and we will never back down from this fight. Ready for whatever comes next, with love and rage in our hearts. Solidarity with all those resisting fascism and oppression everywhere in the world. Keep in touch with us!