Alt-Right Troll Couple ‘Dustin’ & ‘Quinn’ behind FAKE ‘Boston Antifa’

Last month we published an article on It’s Going Down explaining the situation that we’ve been dealing with after our Boston Antifa Facebook page was deleted and subsequently hijacked by some unknown trolls. For the past month and a half, “Dustin” and “Quinn” have been posing as “Boston Antifa” on Facebook and youtube (and now twitter), creating videos and making posts that would make any real antifascist cringe. These posts have also made the alt-right meme community cringe as well, having been duped into believing these clowns were representative of our movement and turning it into a laughing stock.


Notice how many Alt-Right neo-Nazis are liking their posts? There is a reason for that.

‘Boston Antifa’ tried to present themselves as an offshoot of antifa, who wanted to “reform” the movement. They used photos and video clips taken from actual Boston Antifa actions and used them as their own in their videos, and often specifically targeted North Shore Antifa as being provocateurs or alt-right trolls. For the majority of our comrades, there was no confusion as to North Shore’s legitimacy and the Boston Antifa page being run by trolls, but for the alt-right fucks that thought they were legit and the many folks who unknowingly interacted with these people, we hate to say it: we told you so.

Thanks to the outstanding work of the comrades in our tech team, we are happy to present to you the real fascist troll couple “Dustin” and “Quinn” behind the fake Boston Antifa accounts:

This information suggests it is more than likely they are in the Eugene, OR area.

“Quinn” is Alexis Esteb


“Dustin” is Brandon Krebs

We believe his FB page is currently deleted.

Note: This twitter account follows a variety of pro-Trump, Alt-Right, and Alt-Libertarian accounts. 






Some screenshots of videos from Brandon’s YouTube account

These screenshots are from Brandon’s YouTube videos featuring the couple during their van road trips, which have since been removed from public view.




Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 2.32.43 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 2.55.43 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 2.56.57 PM

Brandon may also have ties to these areas in Indiana.

Hopefully this information can be of use to comrades in the Eugene, OR area!
Now back to organizing actual antifascist resistance…
– New England Antifascist Action
North Shore Antifa


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