9/13/13 – Gordon College Cancels Concert Featuring Controversial Folk Band

12/2/16 – Cambridge, MA: Anti-fascists take the Streets Against Steve Bannon

2/5/17 – New England antifa from at least five different chapters hit the streets in support of our LGBTQ+ sisters/brothers/non-binary sibs!

2/20/17 – Worcester police say riot gear protected officer after anti-fascism protester threw 6-foot metal pole

3/1/17 – Alt-Right Trolls Are Posing as Boston Antifa on Facebook and YouTube

3/30/17 – Eugene, OR Alt-Right Trolls Behind ‘Boston Antifa’ Exposed

5/9/17 – Boston, MA: All Out Against the Alt-Right Stickmen May 13th

5/11/17 – Far-right brawlers are expected to clash with anti-fascists in the streets of Boston

8/21/17 – Boston’s Anti-Fascist Protest Was Planned by Black, Queer, Radical Women

8/22/17 – Report Back From Boston: Antifascists Win August 19th

11/15/17 – Boston: Neo-Nazis to do Security for Nov. 18th ‘Resist Marxism’ Rally

11/16/17 – Boston, MA: ‘Resist Marxism’ Organizer Attended Unite the Right; Part of Neo-Nazi Group Discussing Bombings Online

11/22/17 – Boston, MA: Report Back from Boston Antifascist Counter-Demo

1/19/18 – Alt-Right Trolls Plan to Crash Women’s March in Boston